Saturday, October 31, 2009

The A, B, Cs and the Impending E

THE TENTH post ! Finally, we have recorded a total of ten posts in this blog! I know it sounds pathetic compared to other normal bloggers ( who would have at least reached the 100th post by now). But, it feels like our 10th Anniversary already *cries tears of joy*

Time to get back into the blogging seat after a 4 week hiatus ! but I foresee there won't be much time to blog either after this post, since Exams are coming and I'm not prepared yet, feeling abit of stress already. But I'm gonna put my books aside for awhile, not gonna care about it until I wanna care about it. (Which now he knows is a big mistake)

So whats been keeping me from blogging ? it all starts with A, which stands for Assignments. CRAZY ! I still remember the days where we used to look forward to graduating into working on "assignments" while we were still on secondary school working on "projects". Someone somewhere made it sounded cool then, spread by word of mouth to ear, and then one day it came out of my friend's mouth and directly to my virgin brain XD (stop laughing). Now the thought certainly came back to haunt us, cuz working on assignments can be, hellish.

We had three assignments due on the same week, CPL, QM and then ICBM. CPL was just irritating yet...I admit, quite fun. But it was the hardest among the three above, and it certainly gave me a hard time, so many uncertainties, so many things to express but with limited word count, pure evil. But thankfully, the other remaining two was not too hard, and its group work. and surprisingly ICBM a tutorial so we started a day before it was due and VOILA, it was done in a day, with some head start the day before.

Now for the main highlights, its the Birthdays ! its the month with many many birthdays, three girls in our group celebrated theirs between September and October. Firstly it was Ting Li's and we decided we should celebrate it at LAT CHIUS aka Chilli's at one utama (it means Chilli in Cantonese XD)

Nigel drove us to 1U, beautiful evening sky
As usual, party started in the car XD
Ta-da ! The Birthday Girl !
Our table !
Whoa, LalaReuben
Getting ready for the succession of tiara
Whoa, amazingly, the Tiara glowed with recognition !
However, it kept slipping down lol

Then the food came ! but it was quite long ago, so I can't remember the names of the food lol

Nachos with Chilled Salsa
Once Bitten, Twice Mau, we just can't stop eating this eventhough after we're done with our main course, its just that addictive. Whats more, its BOTTOMLESS

Birthday Girl eating the Nachos
The speed of Nachos dissapearing into the customer's belly cannot be calculated by Scientists.
Le Wayne's Sandwich
Wei Ling's I forgot what
(Tell me the name if you remember, Wei ling !)
Ze Ling's Mine ! its Chicken, its spicy, its delicious, but abit tough.....tough to remember what name this dish was. (Haha, actually the meat WAS kinda tough)
Ting Li's Lamb Shank ! ( I think)
More pics !
Ting Li with her Ice-Cream brownie....I think lol lots of I think XD
If I could photoshop Nigel away, i would !

Then, we gave her, her Doglike-Chicken

With a beautiful box !
Okay well, the story is like this, after we went to get her the present we went for FA3 block lecture, after it ended, Ting Li spotted some feather like material stuck on the back of my shirt,

Ting Li : Hey ! whats this ? *picks up feather and shows me*
Ting Li : Hehe, you did you go stealing chicken at the middle of the night ?
Jeff :
Le Wayne :
Jeff and Le Wayne : Uhh ehhh...hehe...

And we both knew it wasn't a chicken, but a dog....hence...Doglike-Chicken XD,
the random fur was because we went out to get her that present.

And I forgot how it went, but one day after some talk, somehow the word Muffin came up and she decided to name it Muffin ! which I think is a really cute name for a dog. If I have a dog in the future, Muffin will be its name.

Ting Li and Muffin

But of course, unless I get a Siberian Husky, then "Muffin" would not be so appropriate,

Cuz that would totally destroy his Ego, ya know.

Oops, got too carried back to Lat Chius

Group photo !

Remember this ?

After playing each session with our Sweat, Blood and Tears, we finally ...

Became Numbah Wan of the Numbah WAN !

In English = We Finally beat the High Score !

Turns out this was a paper from the future, because it came true !
In total, we accumulated 435,390 points, about 2000+ more than the required score, so therefore, they pronounced us as

"King of Tuk Tuk"

And the machine is so fed up of us crowding and poking it, until..

So, as promised we can redeem our free Jug of Beer to Celebrate our victory, our hardwork finally paid off ! However, we didn't redeem it on that day because we had an important lecture coming up, so we decided not to appear in the lecture hall looking for a person to practice our Drunken Fist on.

So we redeemed it on the next day, on a not so important assignment hints lecture which happens after we drank the whole jug.

Waiting eagerly for our prize


Now, Tiger should really pay me for this..

TO ARTHUR !.....Oh wait, wrong commercial..

Well, we thought a few drinks would somehow miraculously make us pay more attention/answer more questions in the upcoming lecture. Liquid Courage, right ?
We Were Wrong

Its been quite a while since we had buffet, so one day we decided to try Jogoya since my parents and I have not tried it before, touted as one of the best Japanese buffet in KL !

Haha, Dad looking at the food

Some food require you to drop metal clips to place your order.

Sis and Brother in-law =)

Cousin Sister and I !

Sadly, the food wasn't as good as I thought, all the seafood weren't very fresh, some were too salty, overcooked meat, so the food was just average. However, there are a few that was pretty tasty though, but I could only remember the Fried Salmon Belly, its the tastiest in Jogoya cuz I remember I kept going back for more. The Deserts were not bad too, cept for maybe the chocolate fondue. Buuuut, for that price ? I think you're better off somewhere else.

And about the experiment to see if Japanese are present in a Japanese restaurant ? Nope, no sign of them on that day. Although on face value its a not so reliable way to predict if the restaurant houses good Japanese food, but I think its pretty accurate so far.


Next up we have Datin Zahra's birthday at.....Pizza Uno ! Amazing we are having really different types of cuisine on each of our birthdays. This time we decided to Go Italian.

Our Datin Zahra !

Since she loves All Blacks so much, so we decided we wanted to get something related to All Blacks for her, but what ? I do remember seeing some All Blacks related shirts but I don't really know where to get them. So someone gave an idea, sorry I forgot who, memory too fuzzy, that we custom make her one ! which I thought was pretty brilliant. The MFBs went to make the shirt !

The Process
The Packaging and the Product !
Happily Married to Conrad Gerard Smith 19th October 2009

I personally like the font of the name at the back, so jersey like ! nice touch.

AGM meeting for ordering food

The Food !
The delicious Aglio Oglio
Nigel and Thiam Ping's Risotto

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza
Nope, this is not edible, its a toy minicake ! which looks like its on fire.
Cute !

Then it was time for the cake

"Take out the candle with my mouth ? Who created such an easy challenge?"

*Is having second thoughts after seeing the cake*
She really did it ! *applauds*

It was a great night, although it was visible that the assignments really took a toll on us, and we had to go to school on the next day. Ambiance was great, Food was great, Company was great. And Zahra looked happy on her birthday ! unlike previous birthdays Mwahahahahaha

The Group pic tradition

To end the entry with a nice picture,
Once again, HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY !

Next Up is....*drum roll*, Ms. Le Liow's Birthday !

Le Wayne with her optical illusion butterfly paperbag we bought for her !

This time, the venue was at 1U's Paddington House of Pancakes. Since not many people tried out PHOP, so we decided to throw it into the places of suggestions. and Ta-da ! I thought overall it worked out pretty well. PHOP is a place where you can try all sorts of pancakes from all over the world !

"Wheres the food ??"
"One more picture i'll take before the food must come..."

Then Ze Ling's wish was granted, the food came !

Mouth watering ain't it ?

I really cannot remember the names of these dishes, but what I do remember is, they are good !

Wei ling is either gonna hit you with the pan, or play tennis with the pan !

Le Wayne with her feast
Birthday girl with her cheeky face after she finished everything..and I mean EVERYTHING
A rejuvenated Ze Ling !

The Calm Thiam Ping before his "outbreak"

First, it started from tiny..

Then it got bigger, Jess couldn't take it no more ! and Nigel was begging him to stop
Thiam Ping became uncontrollable

So Nigel gave up the end XD

Then came the crowning ceremony,

Self-proclaimed Crazy Psycho Princess looking for a successor, therefore, she looked high and low for a decent looking girl to take up her tiara.

Since we didn't crown Zahra the other day, so this is the compensating shot !

And she found someone !Audtion photo No.25101989

So the crowning ceremony was held IMMEDIATELY

The Princess sangat proud dengan successor dia.

The Ceremony comes with gifts !

The successful crowning ceremony !

Group pic !

1U had this gigantic display for Halloween which I thought was pretty cool, so we stopped by there to take some pics.

And we got free ice-cream and drinks from the guy in the Haunted House !

So that day went pretty smooth, everyone was pretty tired at the end of the day, everyone was happy at the end of the day, However, a Tragedy happened before we left 1U

Jessica accidentally stabbed Nigel with a knife...HAPPILY !

Phew ! finally all events I delayed writing are done, it was done in stages between since before exams, in between exams and after exams, so there are bound to have inconsistencies in writing.

and I couldn't remember every single detail that happened @_@ lol. So sorry ! and I do not know whats wrong with blogger, the random revert of the default font, random font size...its driving me nuts.

But before this ends, I must have a little rant about our was horrible, QM was harder than usual, FA3 was killer (my fault), CPL was okay I guess and ICBM was....indescribable terror. With the probability that I will fail two out of four subjects. I hereby carve this memory deep enough to remind me that I have to buck up next semester, when it is overseas+hard subjects+new challenges.

Remember this pic ?

The most probable reason why we found QM harder was...

We were still like this during our last class XD

And to end the 10th post with a random picture !

Ciao ! See ya at post 11th !